Teeth in a day

Have you been suffering for many years with your teeth. Is your dentist “patching your teeth”? Do you have periodontal disease, or loose teeth and have trouble eating? Are you experiencing pain with your teeth? Are you suffering with an ill fitting partial denture or even a poor fitting full denture. Are you self conscious about your smile? Have you heard of Teeth in a Day?

Now, with as few as four dental implants per arch, Dr. Kroll and Dr. Hardy can construct a full set of teeth and attach it to those four dental implants on the day of surgery. This is what you may have seen advertised as “Teeth in a Day”. Let me explain the process.

If you are faced with finally making the decision to loose all your teeth, or you already have a full denture and you have trouble eating and tasting your food, one option for your long term health and obtaining a beautiful, younger looking smile is Teeth in a Day. I would first have you come in and get a special 3D picture of your jaw and teeth.
We would next get some stone study models of your existing dentition and then do a full examination to see if you are a candidate for dental implants. If adequate bone is present and you are faced with losing all your teeth, you would then be appointed with an oral surgeon or periodontist for a surgery evaluation. If the surgeon feels you are a candidate for dental implants, you would come back to me and I would take preliminary impressions for a denture that will be attached to your implants on the day of surgery.

At the surgical appointment, your teeth would be removed and four dental implants per arch would be implanted by the surgeon. I would then come to his or her office and attach the denture to your implants that day. This denture is a transitional denture that you would wear for about three months.

Once the implants have integrated into your jaw bone, which takes about three months, you would come back to our office and we would take impressions for a computer generated titanium bar that fits those four dental implants exactly. Teeth are then added to the bar are screwed down to the implants. The prosthesis can only be removed by the dentist. You now have a comfortable, esthetic, functioning full set of teeth where you can taste your food, talk normally and have a beautiful smile and feel confident. This is called a hybrid denture.

As far as care for your new prosthesis, some people ask if food gets under the denture as the denture sits on the gum tissue. The answer is no, not really, you still have to brush it and we show you how to floss under it. The hybrid denture is almost better than natural teeth because it doesn’t get cavities or gum disease and should last a lifetime. Once a year, we may want to remove it and place it in our ultrasonic cleaner to make sure there is no plaque or tartar underneath it and that the tissues under it are healthy. Other than that you are good to go.

So ask us about Teeth in a Day, it will change your life!