Smile, You’re on Intraoral Camera

A tiny new intraoral camera allows patients to see the insides of their mouth by projecting the image on a TV monitor. For many patients, this is the first time they’ve had a clear view inside their mouth. And what they’re seeing is not always a pretty picture. Many patients are shocked by their oral condition.

An image can be worth a thousand words when motivating patients to improve their oral health. Once an image is projected on the monitor, the dentist can easily discuss any problems with the patient and explain the diagnosis.

Because oral conditions can be magnified, this method provides better visibility than direct vision. Once on the screen the image can also be frozen, rotated, saved in the computer, printed, or sent electronically for billing purposes.

Another common use of the camera is helping patients make cosmetic decisions about their teeth. The image of a patient’s teeth can be projected onto the screen and manipulated to show how the person’s smile might look after treatment. Patients can get a good idea of what the recommended procedure will look like before it’s done.

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